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Current & Upcoming Events

Feb. 2, 2019: Mortimer Megazine Release Party!

Join us for the release of Mortimer Megazine Volume 1, Creatures and Cryptids! Meet the artists behind the wildest cryptozoology field guide anthology! Limited quantities of the book will be available for purchase.

From the Book: ”Explore cryptids from the far past to the deep future in Mortimer Megazine’s Field Guide Anthology Series: CRYPTIDS & CREATURES. Complete with stats, history, sightings, and field notes, you’ll be well equipped to track cryptids like the exquisite Aquashroom, an elusive Cenakenak, or even the terrifying Grong Grong!”

Feb. 16, 2019: Destiny City Comics & Arts Festival

Meet over a dozen artists at your local comic shop, this time we'll have special guest RJ Casey editor of the long-awaited new edition of The Comics Journal #303 from Seattle publisher Fantagraphics.

Past Events

Jan. 18, 2019: Destiny City Comics Drawing Night!

Meet up at the comic shop and get your drawing kit out! We had so much fun at the 24 Hour Comic Book Day challenge we decided to make it a regular thing. Let’s meet up and work on some projects. See you there!

Dec. 8, 2018: Destiny City Comics & Arts Festival Holiday Edition

Come meet over a dozen local comic artists, writers, and illustrators, and makers! This time we’re excited to welcome special guests from Image Comics Joe Keatinge (Shutter, Flavor), Farel Dalrymple (Proxima Centauri, Wrenchies, Pop Gun War), Alejandra Gutierrez (Twisted Romance, The Comics Journal), and Brandon Graham (Royalboiler, Island, Prophet, Multiple Warheads).

Joe Keatinge

Farel Dalrymple

Alejandra Gutierrez

Brandon Graham

littlekumiho (Felicia Chang)

Useful Geekery

Stephen Crowe and Melanie Amaral

Colleen Frakes

Blue Cat Co.

Tatiana Gill – Comics and Illustration

Headless Shakespeare Press

Arledge Comics

Octal Publishing

Michael Koehler

Masha Fikhman (Instagram)

Microverse Press

Brandon Lehmann

Delia Gable

Troy’s Work Table Publishing


Stay tuned to our social media (just search “Destiny City Comics”) for more guest announcements and updates.

Nov. 25, 2018: Captain America/Black Panther Flags of our Fathers book club

On the fourth Sunday of the month we’ll meet at the shop after hours to discuss our book club selection, Captain America/Black Panther Flags of Our Fathers.

The finest heroes of a generation together on the front lines of WWII! For the first time ever, see the full story of the first meeting of Captain America and the Black Panther! It’s a World War Two adventure featuring a young Steve Rogers, the Black Panther and Nick Fury and his Howling Commandos in combat Hitler and the nastiest Nazi villains in the Marvel Universe – Baron Strucker and the Red Skull!

The book is available at Destiny City Comics and will be offered at a special discount during the month of November.

Nov. 6, 2018: Green Lantern #1 Midnight Release Party

Green Lantern’s getting a new series by fan-favorite creators Grant Morrison (Batman, Invisibles, Heavy Metal) and Liam Sharp (Wonder Woman, Brave and the Bold) and we’ll be having a midnight release for the first issue and other comics due out November 7.

Grab this hotly anticipated book early and other popular releases at Destiny City Comics at 218 Saint Helens Ave. We’ll have doors open and new product ready to peruse by 11:30pm and be able to make sales starting at midnight. Visit our good neighbors open late at Doyle’s Pub and Harmon Tap Room right next door for food and drink.

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