Orbital Comics

8 Great Newport Street
London, England WC2H 7JA

Current & Upcoming Events

Nov. 27, 2019: Black Crown Signing

Orbital Comics proudly invites you to an enormous event with none other than curation operation Black Crown!

Founded in 2017 by Shelly Bond, Black Crown’s mission has been to harbour an environment wherein creators and creations commingle, corrupt and correlate to new comic book series. This alternative comics manifesto has lead to runaway successes, like Punks Not Dead, Kid Lobotomy, Assassinistas, Lodger, Femme Magnifique and of course Black Crown Quarterly.

The show kicks off at 6pm on Saturday 26th October with a mega signing, featuring a wealth of creators from the Black Crown talent pool, including: Peter Milligan, David Barnett, Martin Simmonds, Alison Sampson, Dilraj Mann, and mroe surprise guests.

The party also doubles as launch night for a very special Philip Bond Retrospective Exhibition which will be adorning the walls of the Orbital Gallery. The exhibition runs until 27 November.

Past Events

Oct. 19, 2019: The Marked #1 Signing

David Hine appears at Orbital Comics on Saturday 19th October at 6 PM to celebrate the launch of The Marked #1, his new Image Comics / Shadowline series created alongside fellow writer & artist Brian Haberlin!

The Marked may look like cool young influencers, but beneath the designer clothes, their bodies are tattooed with the magical glyphs of an ancient order that secretly protects the world against evil forces. With no new occult threats, The Marked use their tattooed powers solely for the pursuit of pleasure until a young woman called Liza creates a dangerous new form of Hybrid Sorcery. The party is over for The Marked. You’ll believe in magic—terrifying, soul-destroying magic.

Sept. 21, 2019: Sonic Vol. 4 Signing

Artist Jack Lawrence (Transformers: Lost Light) returns to Orbital Comics on Saturday 21 September starting at 5 PM for a fun-filled Sonic the Hedgehog signing, celebrating the launch of the latest trade paperback!

Sept. 7, 2019: Day of Dredd Art Jam

Orbital Comics, in collaboration with Rebellion (publishers of 2000AD and Judge Dredd Megazine), will be hosting a very special “Day of Dredd” Art Jam, where invited comic creators will collaborate together on a huge Judge Dredd themed mural on the walls of the Orbital Gallery.

THE DAY OF DREDD is the explosive finale to a month of celebration, promotion and events honouring Britain’s biggest comic book export and a world icon!

Running from 2-6pm on Saturday 7th September, the Day of Dredd Art Jam will feature a wealth of guest artists from across the comic book industry and the indie comics scene. Some already confirmed guests include Conor Boyle and Laurence Campbell, with more to be announced soon!

July 17, 2019: Geoff Senior Exhibition + Signing

Artist Geoff Senior and special guest writer Simon Furman appear at Orbital Comics for a fun-filled in-store signing on Wednesday 17th July at 5:30 PM! An exhibition of Senior’s art runs starting from 1 July.

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