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Current & Upcoming Events

Austin Books, Comics & Science Fiction hasn't shared any upcoming events with us lately.

Past Events

Spinning Release Party
Sept. 13, 2017

Guest: Tillie Walden

Cartoonist Tillie Walden appears at Austin Books & Comics on Wednesday, September 13th at 6:00 PM for the release of her graphic novel Spinning from First Second. Original art by Tillie will be on display, as well as a Q&A and book signing.

Doc Unknown Signing
Aug. 11, 2017

Guest: Ryan Cody

Ryan Cody, artist of Doc Unknown, signs at Austin Books & Comics on Friday, August 11, 2017 from 6:00 – 8:00 PM.

The Street Angel Gang Signing
July 29, 2017

Guest: Jim Rugg

Jim Rugg (Afrodisiac, The Plain Janes) appears at Austin Books & Comics on Saturday, July 29th at 4:00 PM in celebration of the release of the hardcover collection of The Street Angel Gang.

By Chance or Providence Signing
July 26, 2017

Guest: Becky Cloonan

Becky Cloonan (Punisher, Southern Cross, Demo) appears at Austin Books & Comics on Wednesday July 26th from 4:00 – 7:00 PM to sign copies of the BRAND NEW By Chance or Providence from Image Comics. Becky will also be signing copies of Southern Cross v2, and Punisher vol. 1: On the Road.

The Archies #1 Signing
May 24, 2017

Guest: Joe Eisma

Artist Joe Eisma (Morning Glories) appears at Austin Books & Comics for the release of The Archies on Wednesday May 24th from 1:00 to 6:00pm!

Night Owl Society Signing
May 7, 2017

Guest: James Venhaus

James Venhaus, creator of the IDW comic Night Owl Society, signs at Austin Books & Comics on Sunday, May 7th from 4:00 to 6:00 PM.


High School sucks! He’s never kissed a girl, his best friend is the school chaplain, and the only other friend he has was just killed by a notorious mob boss. Armed with nothing but a homemade mask, a few misfit friends and an overdeveloped sense of right and wrong, sixteen year-old David Foxworth sets out balance the karma in his life without getting killed… or grounded.

Paper Girls Signing
April 28, 2017

Guest: Cliff Chiang

Artist Cliff Chiang (Paper Girls, Wonder Woman) appears at Austin Books & Comics on Friday, April 28th from 4:00 – 6:00 PM.

'Namwolf #1 Signing
April 19, 2017

Guest: Fabian Rangel Jr.

Fabian Rangel Jr. signs at Austin Books & Comics on Wednesday, April 19th at 4:00 PM.

About the creator:
Fabian Rangel Jr is a coffee addicted comic book writer based out of Corpus Christi, Texas. He’s the writer/co-creator of Doc Unknown (Dark Horse Comics), Space Riders (Black Mask Studios), Helena Crash (IDW), ‘Namwolf (Albatross), and Blood Brothers: Hermanos de Sangre. He’s also worked on such properties as Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Mouse Guard, Jim Henson’s The Storyteller, and Lucha Underground.

About ‘Namwolf:
When scrawny Marty Spencer is drafted into the Vietnam War, he finds himself smack dab in the middle of the heart of darkness. But Marty has a secret. A secret even from himself. And Vietnam is a hell of a place to find out you’re a werewolf.

Redneck #1 Signing
April 19, 2017

Guest: Donny Cates

Writer Donny Cates (God Country, Paybacks) returns to Austin Books & Comics to sign the first issue of his new Image Comics title, Redneck #1 on Wednesday, April 19th at 11:00 AM!

About Redneck:

The Bowmans are VAMPIRES who have quietly run the local barbecue joint in their small town for years, living off cow’s blood. Their peaceful coexistence ends as generations of hate, fear, and bad blood bubble to the surface–making it impossible to separate man from monster!

Of Dust and Blood Signing
March 29, 2017

Val Mayerik and Jim Berry appear at Austin Books & Comics on Wednesday, March 29th at 4:00 PM for a signing of their new hardcover graphic novel about the Battle of Little Big Horn, Of Dust and Blood. The graphic novel is not yet available to the direct market, so this is a wonderful opportunity to get it early, and get it signed by both the artist and writer!

For the Title Signing
March 11, 2017

Lance Schibi and Austin Green sign at Austin Books & Comics on Saturday, March 11, 2017 from noon till 3:00 PM.

Image Day 2017 Signing
Feb. 1, 2017

Guests: Nick Pitarra, Donny Cates

Nick Pitarra (The Manhattan Projects, The Red Wing) and Donny Cates (God Country) sign at Austin Books & Comics on Wednesday, February 1, 2017 to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Image Comics!

Mae Launch Signing
Jan. 28, 2017

Guest: Gene Ha

Writer/artist Gene Ha (Top Ten, JLA, Forty-Niners) appears at Austin Books & Comics on Saturday, January 28th from 1:00 PM – 5:00 PM for the release party of his new Dark Horse Comics graphic novel Mae vol. 1!

God Country #1 Signing
Jan. 11, 2017

Guests: Donny Cates, Geoff Shaw

Writer Donny Cates and artist Geoff Shaw appear at Austin Books & Comics on Wednesday, January 11, 2017 from noon till 5:00 PM to sign GOD COUNTRY #1 from Image!

Civil War II #8 Signing
Dec. 28, 2016

Guest: David Marquez

Artist David Marquez (Invincible Iron Man, Miles Morales, All-New X-Men) appears at Austin Books & Comics on Wednesday, December 28th from 4:00 to 7:00 PM to sign the final issue of Civil War II from Marvel Comics.

Doom Patrol #1 Signing
Sept. 14, 2016

Guest: Nick Derington

Artist Nick Derington appears at Austin Books & Comics on Wednesday Sept. 14th from 4:00 – 7:00 PM to celebrate the release of DOOM PATROL #1, which is the first title of Gerard Way’s Young Animals imprint for DC Comics.

Fables: Everafter #1 Signing
Sept. 7, 2016

Guests: Matthew Sturges, Dave Justus

Writers Matthew Sturges and Dave Justus appear at Austin Books & Comics for the debut of their new Fables series, EVERAFTER, on Wednesday, September 7th from 4:00 to 7:00 PM!

The Anniversary Sale
Sept. 2, 2016 to Sept. 5, 2016

~~39 Awesome Years!~~

The sale is finally here, and it's our biggest yet! Here's what to expect:

Labor Day Weekend, September 2nd - 5th

Austin Books & Comics
* HALF-OFF bagged & boarded back issues $20 or less
* Buy 3 Toys, get 1 FREE
* Buy 3 TPBs/GNs/Manga, get 1 FREE
* Buy 3 Posters, get 1 FREE

The Sidekick Store
* Buy 1 Dollar Comic, get 1 FREE
* Buy 3 Half-Off TPBs/GNs/Manga, get 1 FREE
* Buy 3 25% Off Showcase Comics, get 1 FREE
* Buy 3 Bagged Sets/ $5 Silver & Bronze, get 1 FREE
* Buy 3 Discounted Toys, get 1 FREE
* Buy 3 Discounted Posters, get 1 FREE

Guzu Gallery
* Discounts on ALL Blind Boxes
* Buy 2 Books, get 1 FREE
* Buy 3 Magazines, get 1 FREE
* HALF-OFF select items
* 10% off EVERYTHING else

Outlaw Moon Games & Toys
* Thursday Preview Night (7:45pm-10pm) 50% OFF specially-marked items! This is the best night... the most items on sale at the largest discount!
* Friday - 15% OFF specially-marked items!
* Saturday - 25% OFF specially-marked items!
* Sunday - 35% OFF specially-marked items!
* Monday - back to 50% OFF specially-marked items!

The Return of the $5 Sale

Over 20 boxes added since the last sale. T-shirts, Star Wars and Superhero Jewelry, over 500 Funko Pops, Gifts, AMAZING DEALS!
Even more tents and tables - 8 Canopy Tents, Over 20 Tables

We're giving away a pair of Sound on Sound Fest tickets to one lucky drawing winner! You can enter the drawing each day you visit Austin Books during the sale, including tonight's Preview Night!

Godzilla: Rage Across Time #1 Signing
Aug. 24, 2016

Guest: Matt Frank

Artist Matt Frank will be bringing his Godzilla expertise back to Austin Books & Comics for the debut of the new IDW Publishing series, Godzilla: Rage Across Time on Wednesday, August 24th from 3:00 to 6:00 pm!

Bebop & Rocksteady Destroy Everything! Signing
July 2, 2016

Guest: Nick Pitarra

Cover artist Nick Pitarra (The Manhattan Projects, The Red Wing) appears at Austin Books & Comics on Saturday, July 2, 2016 to sign IDW Publishing’s TMNT: Bebop & Rocksteady Destroy Everything!

Beast Wagon #4 Signing
June 25, 2016

British artist John Pearson appears at Austin Books & Comics on Saturday, June 25th from noon till 4:00 PM in support of the fourth issue of Beast Wagon! The independent comic from Changeling Studios tells the tale of revolutionary zoo animals and was nominated Best Comic for the 2015 British Comic Awards.

Southern Cross Signing
Feb. 17, 2016

Guests: Becky Cloonan, Andy Belanger

Writer/cover artist Becky Cloonan (Gotham Academy, Killjoys) and artist Andy Belanger (Kill Shakespeare) appear at Austin Books & Comics on Wednesday, February 17th to sign the trade of SOUTHERN CROSS!

Space Riders Signing
Nov. 28, 2015

Guest: Fabian Rangel Jr.

Fabian Rangel, Jr. and Alexis Ziritt, the creators of the hit Black Mask series Space Riders, appear at Austin Books & Comics on Saturday, November 28, 2015 at 11:00 AM!

Citizen Jack #1 Signing
Nov. 14, 2015

Guest: Sam Humphries

Writer Sam Humphries (Legendary Star-Lord, Uncanny X-Force) appears at Austin Books & Comics on Saturday, November 14, 2015 at 1:00 PM to sign his new comic CITIZEN JACK!

About Citizen Jack: Every presidential candidate has a skeleton in their closet—Jack Northworthy worships the devil! A scandal-plagued, small town politician, Jack should in no way be president. But he’s got a secret weapon: Marlinspike, a malevolent demon of high ambitions. Together, they’re running for president in an outrageous campaign that America will never forget! Blockbuster writer SAM HUMPHRIES (Guardians of the Galaxy, X-Men: Black Vortex) and New York Times bestselling artist TOMMY PATTERSON (Game of Thrones) debut a brand new ONGOING SERIES with a DIABOLICAL EXTRA-SIZED FIRST ISSUE!

The Paybacks #1 Signing
Sept. 16, 2015

Guest: Donny Cates

Donny Cates (Buzzkill, Ghost Fleet) returns to Austin Books & Comics with a debt-ridden spin on superheroes in the new Dark Horse Comics series The Paybacks, and he’ll be joining us for a signing when it debuts on Wednesday, September 16th! Get your copy of The Paybacks #1, and get it signed from 4:00 to 7:00 PM!

About The Paybacks:

Heroism doesn’t come cheap, so when superheroes borrow money to finance their genetic enhancements or crime-fighting supercomputers, their debts make student loans look like IOUs! Enter the Paybacks, a repo squad composed of bankrupt former heroes here to foreclose on everybody’s secret lairs! From the team that delivered the acclaimed Buzzkill!

Blood & Thunder Signing
Aug. 20, 2015

Guest: Mark Finn

Join us for a special author signing and reading at Austin Books & Comics with Conan historian and notable Texas author Mark Finn on Saturday, August 20. Our Conan book event is co-sponsored by Chipotle and Tecate… free beer and burritos for all!

Mark Finn is an award-winning author, playwright, actor, and essayist with over twenty five years’ experience in the field of comics and popular culture (as well as being a former Austin Books & Comics employee!). His book, “Blood & Thunder: The Life and Art of Robert E. Howard” was nominated for a Locus Readers’ award and a World Fantasy award. Finn will be reading sections of the Conan chapter in the book.

The Great Fables Wake
Aug. 14, 2015 to Aug. 16, 2015

Guests: Bill Willingham, Matthew Sturges, Jess Nevins, Dave Justus

After 150 issues, Fables, an iconic and beloved Vertigo comic series, has drawn to a close. To properly celebrate and mourn the end of such a beloved story, Austin Books & Comics has teamed up with Bill Willingham to throw a three-day party-vigil. On Friday, August 14th and drawing to a close on Sunday, August 16th, guests including Bill Willingham, Matt Sturges, Dave Justus, Adam Harrington, Jess Nevins, and Fables editor Shelly Bond, will take up residence at Austin Books & Comics to bring you panels, contests and signings.

Looking back on his time spent with Fables, Bill Willingham remarks, “Fables comprised the thirteen most rewarding years of my life – not in a financial sense, although it did that just fine, but in the more vital sense of a professional spinner of tall tales doing the work he knows he should be doing. My gratitude to my fellow creators, those who published, distributed and sold Fables, and finally to those who read Fables for all of those years is undiminished.”

About Austin Books & Comics: Austin Books & Comics is the premiere place in Austin, TX for all of your nerd wants and needs. Spanning four specialty stores, Austin Books & Comics has been covering all corners of the comic and pop culture worlds since 1977. Over the past 25 years, the Austin Chronicle has consistently rated Austin Books & Comics the best comic book store in Austin, naming it “the Library of Alexandria of comics.”

Planned activities include: signings, keg party, costume contest, and more:


AN ORIGINAL FABLES “RADIO” PLAY, written by Bill and performed live for you by the Not Ready for Storytime Players. Adam Harrington will of course be voicing Bigby, but other parts will be played by: Bill Willingham, Matt Sturges, Dave Justus, Mark Finn, and so on. It’ll be a hoot, and is being written exclusively for the Great Fables Wake.

THE PHOTO SCAVENGER HUNT. This was a hit at Fablescon, so we’re doing it again. And the prize packages will be bigger, better and simply more Fab this time around.

And there will be panels and presentations to boot:

A FABLES POST MORTEM, in which Mark Finn leads a discussion, now that it’s all over, about what storylines never made it into Fables, but should have, and what stuff ended up on the cutting room floor. After all, you can’t have a wake without the autopsy.

THE PAPER WOLF AMONG US, in which Bigby (Adam Harrington) interviews Matt and Dave about the glories and difficulties in adapting the video game back into funnybook form.

CULTURAL APPROPRIATION, in which our panelists get serious, and maybe even a bit contentious, about what is right and what isn’t when adapting and adopting folklore from around the globe.

Armada Signing
Aug. 1, 2015

Ernest Cline, author of Ready Player One, appears at Austin Books & Comics on Saturday, August 1st from noon till 3:00 PM to sign copies of his new book, Armada. And we hear he’s bringing his famous DeLorean, Ecto-88!

For the Title Signing
June 27, 2015

Lance Schibi and Austin Green appear at Austin Books & Comics on Saturday, June 27, 2015 from 11:00am – 4:00pm to sign the new hardcover collection of For the Title: Championship Wish Edition.

Free Comic Book Day 2015
May 2, 2015

Guests: Brandon Peterson, Matt Frank

Artists including BRANDON PETERSON (Age of Ultron), MATT FRANK (Godzilla), and more appear at Austin Books & Comics on Saturday May 2nd for Free Comic Book Day! There will be door prize drawings, costumes, a coloring sheet for kids, and a full day of fun!

Howard the Duck Signing
March 21, 2015

Guest: Val Mayerik

Howard the Duck co-creator Val Mayerik appears at Austin Books this Saturday, March 21st from noon to 2:00pm! He’s going to be signing the first issue of the new series starring the fowl he and Steve Gerber introduced to the Marvel Universe. Mr. Mayerik will also be bringing sketch covers, so you’ll have the opportunity to own original art.

Ladies Night w/ Lumberjanes
March 8, 2015

Guests: Brooke A. Allen, Grace Ellis

Lumberjanes co-creators Brooke Allen and Grace Ellis appears at Austin Books & Comics on Sunday, March 8th from 6:00 – 9:00 pm for a ladies-ONLY event.

The Big Con Job #1 Signing
March 7, 2015

Guest: Dominike "Domo" Stanton

Meet artist Dominike “Domo” Stanton at Austin Books & Comics on Saturday March 7th from noon to 2:00 pm for the premiere of Palmiotti & Brady’s The Big Con Job from BOOM! Studios. Stop in and get the first issue signed!

The Sculptor Signing
Feb. 8, 2015

Austin Books is excited to welcome back Scott McCloud, creator of the new First Second graphic novel, The Sculptor. Join us for a special Q&A on Sunday, February 8th from 2:00 to 6:00 pm. This is a not-to-be missed discussion with the man that showed us exactly why we love comics so much in Understanding Comics!

Gotham Academy Signing
Jan. 9, 2015 to Jan. 10, 2015

Guest: Becky Cloonan

Comic creator Becky Cloonan appears at Austin Books & Comics for signing on Saturday, January 10th from 3:00-7:00 PM! Fans asked to limit themselves to five items brought from home. The store will have graphic novels and issues available to purchase for Becky to sign including Gotham Academy, Demo, Killjoys, Conan, and more.

Becky will also appear the night before for a ladies only event at the shop.

The Wrenchies Signing
Nov. 10, 2014

Guest: Farel Dalrymple

Cartoonist Farel Dalrymple appears at Austin Books & Comics to sign his new graphic novel The Wrenchies on Monday, November 10th from 4:00 to 7:00 pm!

The Ghost Fleet Signing
Nov. 5, 2014

Guest: Donny Cates

Writer Donny Cates (Buzzkill) appears at Austin Books & Comics on Wednesday, November 5th from 4:00 to 7:00 PM to sign the first issue of his diesel-fueled thriller THE GHOST FLEET!

Yumi Sakugawa Signs
Oct. 1, 2014

Yumi Sakugawa appears at Austin Books & Comics on Wednesday, October 1st from 4:00 – 7:00 pm to celebrate the release of her new book, Your Illustrated Guide to Becoming One with the Universe!

Howard the Duck Signing
Sept. 6, 2014

Guest: Val Mayerik

Meet artist Val Mayerik, the co-creator of Howard the Duck, at Austin Books & Comics on Saturday, September 6th from noon to 4:00 pm!

In addition to co-creating the satirical duck, Mayerik has four decades of comic illustration representing numerous genres, from horror to sword and sorcery, kung fu to the classics.

A limited print will be available at the signing. Don’t miss this opportunity to meet a comics industry great!

The Mercenary Sea Signing
Sept. 3, 2014

Guest: Mathew Reynolds

Artist Mathew Reynolds appears at Austin Books & Comics on Wednesday, September 3rd from 4:00 – 7:00 PM to sign The Mercenary Sea!

37th Anniversary Sale
Aug. 29, 2014 to Sept. 1, 2014

Our annual Labor Day Weekend/ Anniversary Sale is upon us! And for the first time since we opened the Sidekick, all four stores are in the same location.

There will be a sale at Austin Books, Guzu Gallery, Outlaw Moon, AND The Sidekick Store, so make sure to visit all the stores of the Center of Austin Fandom!

Here are the details:

Austin Books & Comics
*50% OFF bagged & boarded back issues $20 or less
*TOYS - Buy three, get one FREE
*TPBs/ GNs/ Manga - Buy three at cover price, get one FREE
*POSTERS - Buy three, get one FREE

The Sidekick Store
*DOLLAR COMICS - Buy one, get one FREE
*TPBS/ GNs/ Manga - Buy three at half-off, get one FREE
*SHOWCASE COMICS - Buy three at 25% off, get one FREE
*BAGGED SETS - Buy three, get one FREE
*$5 Silver & Bronze Comics - Buy three, get one FREE
*POSTERS - Buy three, get one FREE
*TOYS - Buy three, get one FREE

Guzu Gallery
*50% OFF select items
*10% OFF everything else!

Outlaw Moon Games & Toys
*GAMES - Buy three, get one FREE
*STAR WARS: Power of the Force Figures (90s) - Buy three, get one FREE

(All free items must be of equal or lesser value)

We're going to have a blast this weekend, so don't miss out on the savings and fun!

Wrestling Day
May 7, 2014

Guest: Box Brown

We’re so thrilled about the upcoming First Second biography graphic novel Andre the Giant: Life and Legend that we invited creator Box Brown here for a release day signing! With a few more events, we decided to go ahead and call it Wrestling Day!

Meet Box Brown and get a copy of his graphic novel signed! Ask him about working in comics and his love of professional wrestling!

Special prints will be available at Guzu Gallery, and original artwork from the graphic novel will be on display, too!

Watch classic wrestling matches in our Back Issue Room!

Costume Contest – dress up as your favorite wrestler for a chance to win!

Celebrate the life of Andre in a way that one of the world’s most infamous drinkers would approve of – with a free beer!

This event isn’t going to be a blast for wrestling fans and the uninitiated alike, so don’t miss it!

Free Comic Book Day 2014
May 3, 2014

Guest: Rob Harrell

Mark your calendars, because our biggest day of the year is coming up fast. We're giving away over 25,000 comics this year!

This is the 11th annual Free Comic Book Day, the comic industry's very own holiday. To promote reading & comic books, publishers and retailers have joined in offering a huge selection of comics to choose from - for free!

On Saturday, May 3rd at Austin Books, you'll be able to choose 10 FREE comics from a huge selection, all in a giant tent in front of the store. We open early at 8am and are giving away comics until 7pm!

The first 1000 kids get a free Austin Books coloring page and crayons!

We will have door prize drawing for $400 in gift cards, good at Austin Books & Comics, Guzu Gallery, Outlaw Moon Games & Toys, and the Sidekick Store!
JUST ADDED - One Dollar Comics at The Sidekick Store will be Buy One, Get One Free ALL DAY LONG.

Rob Harrell will be in from 10am - 2pm signing the Top Shelf Kids Club 2014 comic, featuring his Monster on the Hill story!

Our friends at CCP Comics will be sketching for the folks in line once again. They'll also have their own additional free comic book!

Black Widow Signing
April 27, 2014

Guest: Nathan Edmondson

Writer Nathan Edmondson signs at Austin Books & Comics on Sunday, April 27th from 3:00 to 6:00 pm!

When last we had Mr. Edmondson join us, he was promoting the first issue of his Image series Who Is Jake Ellis? Since then, we’ve seen a flurry of work from him, including The Activity, Dancer, Genesis (out this week), Grifter, and more. Plus, he’s the writer heading up the Marvel NOW! titles for Punisher and Black Widow.

Elric of Melniboné Signing
April 18, 2014

Guest: Jesse Reklaw

Fantasy/sci-fi luminary Michael Moorcock appears at Austin Books & Comics on Saturday, April 18th from noon till 4:00 pm for the release of the graphic novel adaptations of his Elric of Melniboné novels! In addition to signing, Moorcock will be the subject of a Q&A with editor/essayist Rick Klaw.

Red Light Properties Signing
March 12, 2014

Guest: Dan Goldman

Dan Goldman signs at Austin Books & Comics on Wednesday, March 12, 2014 from 4:00 pm until 7:00 pm.

Deadpool Signing
March 1, 2014

Guest: Brian Posehn

Meet the actor, comedian, and writer of Marvel Comics’ Deadpool at Austin Books & Comics!

Saturday, March 1st from Noon to 2pm, Brian Posehn will be at Austin Books signing his Deadpool comics and graphic novels! We’re thrilled to have the comedian join us for an early afternoon of fun worthy of the Merc with a Mouth!

Due to time restraints, there will be no more than one outside item allowed in the store per person. If you plan on bringing in an outside item, please check it in with the Austin Books employee at the door.

STAPLE! Pre-Party
Feb. 28, 2014

Since the first STAPLE!, we've been proud to host the pre-party the night before. It's a chance to meet the guests and exhibitors before the hustle and bustle of the show. Also, there's a keg of beer.

Join us for a night of conversation and fun!

Friday, February 28th 7 - 10pm

Ladies Night w/ Kate Leth
Feb. 27, 2014

Kate Leth, creator of the webcomic Kate or Die, and the Austin Books Valkyries appear at Austin Books & Comics on Thursday, February 27th at 7:00 pm for their inaugural Ladies Night! It’s an after hours comics club for girls only, right in the store! There will be refreshment, snacks, conversation, fun, and COMICS!

Adventure Time: Seeing Red Signing
Feb. 26, 2014

Kate Leth, creator of the webcomic Kate or Die, appears at Austin Books & Comics on Wednesday, February 26th from 5:00 till 8:00 pm! She’ll be signing her new original graphic novel, Adventure Time: Seeing Red, which will be available at the store before its official release!

Swamp Thing Signing
Jan. 18, 2014

Guest: Charles Soule

Prolific comic writer Charles Soule appears at Austin Books & Comics on Saturday, January 18th from noon to 4:00 pm! Stop by and get your issues signed, ask questions, and hear about one of the busiest guys in comics!

They’ll have copies of Strange Attractors, Letter 44, Swamp Thing, Superman/Wonder Woman, Red Lanterns, and Thunderbolts all available for signing!

Neal Adams Signing
Nov. 21, 2013

Guest: Neal Adams

Austin Books is thrilled to announce we will be joined by none other than comics legend Neal Adams on Thursday, November 21st from 4 to 8pm!

Mr. Adams will be in town for that weekend’s comic convention, but we wanted to give his fans an opportunity to meet the influential creator in a more relaxed environment. This is a great opportunity to hear about the industry and his experiences, all from a man that is known to be quite the engaging storyteller. We hope you’ll join us in welcoming one of the all-time greats to Austin!

Mr. Adams will be signing his books at Austin Books. The first book is free, but each additional signature after the first is $10 each (cheaper than at the convention!)

Sin Titulo Signing
Nov. 11, 2013

Guest: Cameron Stewart

Meet Cameron Stewart at Austin Books & Comics on Monday, November 11th. Press Release: Cameron Stewart’s Eisner Award-winning webcomic has been collected in its entirety in a hardcover volume by Dark Horse Comics, and we’re thrilled to host the artist’s only Texas stop on his whirlwind North American promotional tour! Pick up the new hardcover (we’ll also have Seaguy and more of Stewart’s books in stock, too!) and get it signed, ask questions, and get a chance to talk with the celebrated creator!

Painkiller Jane Signing
Nov. 6, 2013

Artist Sam Lotfi is illustrating a story in the new Painkiller Jane series and will appear at Austin Books & Comics on release day, Wednesday, November 6th, for a signing!

Stop in 3 – 7pm THIS WEDNESDAY and get your copy of Jimmy Palmiotti’s Painkiller Jane: The Price of Freedom #1 signed, with a free sketch by Sam!

Monster on the Hill Signing
Nov. 2, 2013

Guest: Rob Harrell

Meet Rob Harrell, creator of the Top Shelf graphic novel Monster on the Hill, at Austin Books and Comics on Saturday, November 2nd from noon till 4pm!

Ash and the Army of Darkness Signing
Oct. 30, 2013

Guest: Steve Niles

For one night, Austin Books & Comics becomes S-Mart when we host writer Steve Niles for the debut of Ash and the Army of Darkness #1 from Dynamite!

As fans of both the Ultimate Experience in Medieval Horror and the blood-curdling comic book tales of Mr. Niles, we’ve been excited about this new series since before it was announced. And now it’s finally here, and we’re going to have a party worthy of the King on October 30th from 4 to 7pm. Here’s what we have going!

Meet Steve Niles and get Ash and the Army of Darkness #1 signed!

Evil Dead II and Army of Darkness playing in the Back Issue Room!

Spooky snacks and tunes!

Prize for the best Army of Darkness costume!

Guzu Gallery

Enjoy the artwork from the Bernie Wrightson and Steve Niles present “Something Spooky” at Guzu Gallery art show!

Outlaw Moon Games & Toys

Prize awarded to the winner of a special MidEvil competition!

Play MidEvil with/against Steve Niles!

So strap on your chainsaw, memorize those three important words, and get some sugar, baby.

Fables Encyclopedia Signing
Oct. 25, 2013

Guest: Jess Nevins

Noted academic scholar Jess Nevins appears at Austin Books & Comics on Saturday, October 25th from noon to 4pm for the release of his latest book, the Fables Encyclopedia!

This book will be an essential for all of you Fables fans, because Nevins details the historical information of every character that’s appeared in the hit Vertigo series. If you’ve read his League of Extraordinary Gentlemen companions, you know how in-depth his studies take him. Plus, there’s art from cover artists James Jean, Joao Ruas and series regulars Mark Buckingham and Steve Leialoha fun facts and anecdotes from series writer Bill Willingham and a cover by Adam Hughes.

Thor: Season One Signing
Oct. 2, 2013

Guest: Matthew Sturges

Matt Sturges signs at Austin Books and Comics on Wednesday, October 2nd from 4 to 7 pm!

Buzzkill #1 Signing with Donny Cates
Sept. 18, 2013

Guest: Donny Cates

We're excited to host writer Donny Cates for the release of his first comic book series, Buzzkill #1 from Dark Horse Comics! A longtime fan and a face you may recognize from the Austin comic scene, Cates is ready to storm the industry.

Join us from 4 - 7pm on New Comics Wednesday to get the first issue signed, and talk with Donny about his aspirations!

About Buzzkill:
Ruben is not your average alcoholic; he's an unstoppable superhero who derives his powers from imbibing MASSIVE amounts of alcohol. After all the disasters it's caused in his personal life, he's ready to get clean . . . and the city's supervillains couldn't be happier!

Austin Books 36th Anniversary Sale
Aug. 30, 2013 to Sept. 2, 2013

Labor Day Weekend Aug. 30 - Sept. 2nd

Happy Bir-glahrgh!

This weekend... the Austin Books & Comics Anniversary Sale!

For one extended Labor Day weekend every year, we have crazy sales at Austin Books, Guzu Gallery and The Sidekick Store. And this year promises to be the biggest yet!

@ Austin Books
50% OFF Back Issues (Showcase and wall stock not eligible)
50% OFF variant covers (older than a month)

Godzilla: Rulers of the Earth Signing
June 26, 2013

Guest: Matt Frank

Artist Matt Frank appears at Austin Books & Comics on Wednesday, June 26th from 4 to 7pm for the release of his new comic, Godzilla: Rulers of the Earth #1! He’s been eating, living, and breathing kaiju all his life, so stop by and ask him anything about any giant monster ever! He probably knows the answer.

Free Comic Book Day 2013
May 4, 2013

Guests: Steve Niles, Matthew Sturges, Yehudi Mercado

Steve Niles, Matthew Sturges, and Yehudi Mercado sign at Austin Books & Comics on Saturday May 4, 2013 for Free Comic Book Day!

Press Release:

We’re getting ready for our biggest, craziest day of the year – FREE COMIC BOOK DAY! You don’t want to miss it!

Those of you that have joined us in previous years for the comic book world’s own holiday know what to expect, but for the newbies, here’s the day in a nutshell.

You’ll wait in line (not that long, we have a pretty good system) at the giant tent we have set up in front of the store and choose 10 from all the FCBD selections available for yourself. There’s a large selection available this year (over 50!) – but even that isn’t enough for us. Austin Books always adds additional title to choose from!

We recommend you bring some water if it’s a hot day. We have industrial fans blowing, but its important to stay hydrated!

Then stop inside and meet our special guests for the day: writers Steve Niles (30 Days of Night, upcoming Chin Music) and Matthew Sturges (House of Mystery, FCBD new release Damsels.) They’ll be signing their books and comics and answering questions at times to be announced soon!

Our friend Yehudi Mercado (Pantalones, TX, Buffalo Speedway) will also be joining us to sign new FCBD release Mouse Guard/ Rust Flipbook, featuring Pantalones, Tx activity pages he created for the special issue!

For the third year in a row, the CCP Comics will be sketching for free for those waiting in line. They have an exciting tie-in to announce soon, so keep an eye out here for updates!

Be sure to bring your camera, because Sidekick Girl and Wonder Woman will be patrolling the line!

It’s going to be our biggest Free Comic Book Day ever!

If you’re interested in volunteering to be a part of the Austin Books FCBD team this year, email us at with the words “FCBD volunteer” in the subject line! It’s a non-paid gig, but we’ll load you up with FCBD comics!

Bryan Lee O'Malley @ Austin Books
Feb. 15, 2013

Yep! Needless to say, we're pretty excited about this signing.

Join us for Bryan Lee O'Malley's first-ever Texas signing on Friday, February 15th! We're still working out the time and details, but here's what we have so far:

Costume contest? Oh, yes.

This will be an evening signing, so be sure you keep your schedule clear!

Also, each person is limited to one signed item. There will be no exceptions to this because of time constraints. If you're bringing an item from home, it MUST be checked in with an Austin Books employee as you enter the store.

Matt Frank Signing
Jan. 23, 2013

Meet the artist of Mars Attacks Transformers!

Our friend and longtime Austin Books customer Matt Frank is well-known for his Godzilla and Transformers art, but now he's adding Mars Attacks to his portfolio! Is there no pop culture property this guy can't draw?

We're thrilled to have Matt back in-store to sign the special one-shot Mars Attacks Transformers issue he did the interior art for. The latest chapter of this insane IDW crossover event pits the classic trading card baddies against the Robots in Disguise in a clash no one could predict.

Get a signature and a Transformers sketch on your issue on Wednesday, January 23rd from 4 to 7pm!