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Past Events

May 4, 2019: Famous Faces & Funnies Signings

Karl Moline (Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Fray, Avengers) and Matt Santorelli (Green Lanterns, New Super-Man, Superwoman) appear at Famous Faces and Funnies on Saturday, May 4th for Free Comic Book Day!!

March 10, 2019: Star Wars Ship Designer Signing

Star Wars original Ship Creator Colin Cantwell will be heading to Famous Faces for a presentation, including a meet and greet and an autograph signing! Join us on Sunday, March 10th from 12 – 4 PM to talk with this legendary creator!

Star Wars ship designer, Colin Cantwell, was the original concept artist and modeler for all things that flew in the first Star Wars movie, “A New Hope”. His designs include the X-Wing, TIE Fighter, Death Star, Star Destroyer, original Millennium Falcon, Y-Wing and others. Developing the process of “Kitbashing” to build the ships, he revolutionized the modeling industry by tearing apart model kits of cars, boats and planes and re-constructing the pieces into objects such as the Star Wars ship models. In addition to his contribution to Star Wars, Colin has been involved in several other iconic projects. His credits include:

Working closely with Stanley Kubrick to design the space scenes and suggest the memorable music for “2001, A Space Odyssey”
Being the “Hal 9000 Computer” that conveyed the flight progress of the Apollo 11 Moon Landing to Walter Cronkite while Cronkite was broadcasting live on national TV
Designing the first OmniMax theater in San Diego which later became Imax
Developing the first multi-color computer monitor for HP
Working on several other movies including, War Games, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, and more.

To sign autographs of items that people may bring in or to provide free prints and photos if the customer does not have an item to sign. Celebrity does not sell prints, he autographs items. Prices are as follows:

One autograph is $25 – If 4 autographs are purchased, then the customer may receive one extra autograph free of the same size print or photo.
A selfie with Celebrity, if not included, is $10
If someone does not have an item to sign, a free print will be provided along with the autograph. The free prints include:
An 8×12 or 12×18 print of Colin’s original Star Wars ship concepts OR
An 8×10 or 12×18 photo of Colin’s first Star Wars ship models
All 12×18 prints or photos include a selfie so the total cost for the combo is $35 ($25 for autograph plus $10 for selfie)

You can learn about Colin and his other projects on his website www.colincantwell.com.

May 5, 2018: FCBD 2018: Famous Faces & Funnies Signing

Karl Moline (Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Fray, Avengers) and Matt Santorelli (Green Lanterns, New Super-Man, Superwoman) appear at Famous Faces and Funnies on Saturday, May 5th for Free Comic Book Day!!

Nov. 5, 2017: Kyle Starks Signing

Kyle Starks, writer/artist for the Rick & Morty comic from Oni Press, appears at Famous Faces and Funnies on Sunday, November 5th from noon till 4:00 PM for a signing.

Kyle is also the writer/artist for Rock Candy Mountain from Image Comics, the upcoming Dead of Winter, the graphic novels Kill Them All, Sexcastle, The Legend of Ricky Thunder, and more!

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