Introducing Fresh Comics Reviews

Introducing Fresh Comics Reviews

June 27, 2012

My name is Chris Karr and I'm the main (nay, sole) developer behind this website and the software it supports. I've been writing mobile software for over five years, creating websites for over 15 years (!), and I've been a comic book addict for over twenty years since receiving a comic book collection kit for Christmas back in the fifth grade (containing an issue of Uncanny X-Men #278, my first foray into Marvel's world of mutants).

My love for comics inspired me to create my first website (archived here courtesy of the Internet Archive), led me to write my first desktop software (Books), and continues to serve as the central concern of my most successful mobile application to date (hint: look up).

Given that I enjoy a ton of comic-related content in my daily life -- whether it's expanding my X-Men collection with new releases each week, compiling upcoming releases each week, seeing the latest blockbuster film, or reading books about the industry -- I thought that it might be worthwhile to spend a little time highlighting some of the things I find worth commenting upon as I go through my life as a comic fan.

To that end, I've created this section of the Fresh Comics website. I've intentionally adopted a simple structure where each post (save for this initial one) will consist of a review of the matter at hand. Reviews consist of a summary (for SEO & syndication purposes), a full review, and whether or not I recommend the reviewed item. I want to keep things nice and simple, so there's no comments or anything else beyond what you see here. If you have any comments about the review you'd like to share, feel free to use the contact form, or (even better) share the link on your favorite site of choice and make your comments there. I have an army of virtual spiders at my command, so if you say something, I'll hear about it.

So, without further delay, let's get to some reviews!