Lady Death (Wicked Deluxe Collector Box Set)

Intended for mature audiences

This special box set has all the covers for Wicked #1/2 and #1 and four of the limited foils as well!

29 editions in total - all 25 covers of #1/2 and 1 including the leather (#1/2 Regular, Wraparound, Ryp, Premium, Commemorative, Bondage, Hellcat, Sexy, Victory, Size Doesn't Matter, and Leather.

#1 Regular, Wraparound, Conflict, Martin, Adrian, Art Nouveau, Premium, Commemorative, Hedonist, Deity, Charged, Direct Attack, Bound, and Tasty) , as well as 4 foil editions (#1/2 Platinum and Prism, #1 Platinum and Gold).