Fresh Comics: Now with even more information!

Fresh Comics: Now with even more information!

July 15, 2013

A quick update before I get back to coding apps. This weekend, I managed to bring Fresh Comics up to speed with the rest of the comic mediaverse by putting together systems that allow me to catalog much farther into the future than I’ve been doing so for the past couple of years.

Traditionally, my workflow has been to set aside an evening (usually Wednesday or Thursday) to catalog the new issues arriving the next week. After work this weekend, that process will take much less time as my system’s ingested upcoming releases from the major publishers from now through October. I’ll still need to spend time cataloging titles from the indies, but this new work should cut my weekly time commitment 75%. This means more time to work on the apps, as well as new features like new comic recommendations.

I’m also pleased to confirm that I’ve gotten event data from a number of conventions, and I’m working to get that information into the app. I’ve also located all the materials I need to schedule for the San Diego Comic-Con, so if you find yourself in Southern California later this week, let Fresh Comics help you manage the chaos.

Finally, in terms of other updates, I’ve put the iOS port of Fresh Comics on a temporary pause to address some other project work. The fundamental issue is that I’m planning on making Fresh Comics a first-class citizen in the iOS 7 world, but I need to spend more time with the system before committing to any heavy design work. Given that there isn’t even an official release date for iOS 7 (I’m predicting mid to late September), it didn’t make sense to drop everything else to have the app ready for some nebulous date in the future. (Plus, this new project work’s getting me back up to speed on iOS, so the turnaround should be quick.)

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