Introducing Creator Pages

Introducing Creator Pages

February 3, 2013

After the infrastructure upgrade a couple of weeks ago, I've been working hard to expand the Fresh Comics infrastructure in preparation for new features in the apps. This weekend, I spent some time working on creator pages.

This iteration of creators' pages are mainly a work history for the issues and trades written and illustrated by our favorite creators. You can bookmark your favorite folks' pages and check back occasionally to see what they've released lately. For example, we can look at Skottie Young's page to see some of the recent baby hero variants he's done for the Marvel NOW! relaunch, as well as his writing credits. We can review Brian Michael Bendis' work to see everything he's written since I started tracking new comic releases for Fresh Comics.

To access this functionality, you should see an alphabetical index on most pages with a sidebar. Furthermore, you can search for a particular creator via the search interface. I made the changes this afternoon to expose the links to Google (and other search engines), so you should be able to find these pages like any other pages on the web.

This is version 1.0 of this feature. To get to this point, I spent most of my weekend cleaning the data that I've been collecting for the past two years. This involved fixing misspellings, merging records, and deleting obvious errors (like the time I copied synopsis text into the creator fields in a certain 2011 Deadpool issue). I started out with 6400+ creators and 5808 remain after the Great Review. I know that there are still some problems to be resolved (such as placing the entries listed under "John Romita" in Junior and Senior's respective bins), and I'll be spending the next couple of weeks continuing to clean and refine the data.

Moving forward, I have some big plans for these pages. At the moment, you can subscribe to your favorite creator using the RSS link on the respective pages. In the upcoming weeks, I'm looking forward to collecting photos, biographies, Twitter handles, official web sites, and (my favorite) cross-referencing the creators with events that they'll be attending like signings, release parties and conventions. Just as I've been keeping track of new comic releases, I'm looking forward to helping fans keep up with their favorite people in the comic book industry.

If you have any thoughts on the current implementation of the pages, or have some ideas you'd like included that I've not listed here, please let me know in the comments below.

Photo: Jack Kirby hard at work. Source: Hands of Fire.

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