Tales From the Crypt #2
Things From Another World

Tales From the Crypt #2

Super Genius, March 22, 2017

When Gabby, a young, overweight, female High School student's photo is taken in the locker room by Staci, the mean, blonde beauty queen, and posted online, it doesn't take long for that cruel pic to go viral. The pic is blown-up to poster size and plastered all over the walls of the High School, further humiliating Gabby. She tries to follow the rules and have Staci punished by reporting her to Ms. Jones, the school's counselor, but Staci is too smart, and knows how to beat the system. Or does she? This is Tales from the Crypt, after all, and poetic retribution is the name of the game! And half the fun is seeing exactly how they get their gruesome revenge!

Scott Lobdell
Stefan Petrucha
Danica Davidson
Jolyon Yates
Miran Kim
Comic Book
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