Tales from the Crypt: Horrorcide #2
Things From Another World

Tales from the Crypt: Horrorcide #2

Super Genius, July 19, 2017

Continuing an all-new 3-issue series of the legendary EC comic, that's guilty of committing HORROR with intent to THRILL! Special Guest Writer/Editor Larry Hama spins a trio of terror-tales designed for MAXIMUM IMPACT! For example, "Omniphage," Baby Benjamin eats everything. Literally. He devours his bassinette, his rattle and his bottle. Mom and dad don't know what to do! They call in scientists who study Benjamin, but they can't figure anything out. How does he do it? How does he masticate stone and steel and glass with just his baby teeth? And he's growing! Soon, he's too big to fit in his room. They have to build a special area for him in aircraft hangar, and transport him there on the kind of tractor trailer they use to move houses in. He is getting bigger and bigger all the time. They have to truck in entire cows for him to devour whole. A mathematician figures out that the growth is exponential. Within two weeks, he will be capable of eating half the world. Well, we could reveal more, but then we'd risk ruining the SHOCK ENDING! Just rest assured that The Crypt-Keeper, The Old Witch, and The Vault-Keeper have even more frightful stories to share!

Larry Hama
Mike Mayhew
Jolyon Yates
Miran Kim
Cover Illustrator
Michael Golden
Comic Book
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