Equilibrium: Deconstruction #1 (Magora Cover)
Things From Another World

Equilibrium: Deconstruction #1 (Magora Cover)

American Mythology, August 9, 2017

Before Libria. Before Prozium. Before the Grammaton Clerics, there was a world much like our own. A world where a global conspiracy to reduce mankind's footprint on the environment clashed with the security agencies of global powers, desperate to maintain their control. Between them: one man, supplying them the weapons they desire, and one woman whose talents will (de) construct civilization. This is the untold story of the war that brought about the world of Equilibrium. EQUILIBRIUM DECONSTRUCTION comes with three covers - Main by Gene Magora, Maximum Casualties by Clint Hilinski, and a special Limited Edition Photo Cover.

Laurence Moroney
Jazz Dela Cuesta
Cover Illustrator
Gene Magora
Comic Book
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