Doorman Vol. 1
Things From Another World

Doorman Vol. 1

Heavy Metal, March 22, 2017

Intended for mature audiences

On every planet there is a door that can take you anywhere in the galaxy. Henry Clay Waters is the Doorman for Earth - and he's one day from retirement. So why is he suddenly the target of Intergalactic assassins? Can spunky alien cop, Detective Flower, keep him alive long enough to find out? It's a cosmic comic caper full of space Koalas, monsters, exploding heads, and egomaniacal extraterrestrial gazillionaires, as two working-class heroes try to save The Universe in The Doorman! Reprints The Doorman #1-4, and includes 14 pages of bonus material!

Eliot Rahal
Daniel Kibblesmith
Cover Illustrator
Kendall Goode
Trade Paperback or Graphic Novel
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